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EMC EMC Advisory Services
Create your IT service catalog with EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design: define services, cost, policies, SLAs, and provisioning for ITaaS.

EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design

Get ready to deliver IT as a service (ITaaS) with EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design. This advisory service enables you to develop and manage a standardized IT service catalog.

Experts from EMC Global Services help you simplify the services you deliver and align them with the business. Choose EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design to help accelerate your IT transformation.

Services are defined in terms familiar to your business consumers. You’ll be prepared to provide those services through a user-friendly, unified IT service portal. Service catalogs bring together internally and externally sourced technologies and services that may include:

  • End-user services - PC/phone/device procurement, application access, and credit card
  • Infrastructure services - network, computing, storage, and backup
  • Application services - test/development, CRM, business intelligence, and collaboration

Key features of EMC Service Catalog Strategy and Design:

  • Collects requirements regarding business and IT needs
  • Defines technical requirements, service levels, and financials of the services
  • Establishes IT service blueprints and reference architectures
  • Defines service level objectives (SLOs)


EMC Cloud Advisory Service

Know which application workloads are right for the cloud with EMC Cloud Advisory Service. Plan for hybrid, private, public cloud.
  • Maps apps to business processes
  • Assesses suitability for cloud
  • Analyzes financial impact
  • Recommends best cloud model
  • Helps you plan for ITaaS
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Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud Solution

Implement hybrid cloud in 28 days with Federation Enterprise Hybrid Cloud. Automate delivery of IT infrastructure and XaaS. Powered by EMC and VMware.
  • Options: 1,000, 5,000 and 10,000 VMs
  • Manage across private, public clouds
  • Self-service portal for cloud resource provisioning
  • App services: Microsoft, SAP, Oracle
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EMC IT Transformation Workshop

Book an EMC IT Transformation Workshop to assess your readiness, benchmark progress, prioritize next steps for adoption of IT as a service.
  • For CIOs and direct reports
  • Captures current and desired state
  • Benchmarks you with industry peers
  • Prioritizes next steps for ITaaS
  • Drives consensus among your execs
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