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Get cost-effective backup, archive, and disaster recovery for midrange data centers with the EMC Data Domain DD2500 deduplication storage system.

Data Domain DD2500

Gain industry-leading performance, efficiency, and reliability in your backup, archive, and disaster recovery environment with EMC Data Domain DD2500 protection storage appliance. Ideal for your small to midrange data center.

Achieve up to 30:1 data reduction with deduplication that writes only unique segments of data to disk. You’ll eliminate redundancy, shrink backup times, and mitigate risk of losing data. These advantages make the DD2500 a compelling alternative to traditional tape libraries.

Like all EMC Data Domain systems, the DD2500 integrates with many leading backup, archiving, and enterprise applications. So deployment is easy and quick.

The Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture keeps your data correct and recoverable. End-to-end data verification and self-healing ensures you can access your data when you need it.

Key features:

  • Product Spec Sheet Data Domain Tech Specs 
    Product Data Sheet Data Domain Hardware Data Sheet 
    Data Domain Software Data Sheet 
    Drive Type SAS 
    Max Throughput Max throughput with EMC Data Domain Boost software. 13.4  TB/hr
    Max Throughput (without DD Boost) 5.6 TB/hr 
    Logical Capacity Up to 6.6 PB 
    Max Usable Capacity 133.0  TB
    Product Data Domain Products 
    Solution For Archiving 
    Data Protection 
    Backup and Disaster Recovery 
    Mid-Range Storage 
    Browse By Backup Storage 
  • Recommended Software Description
    Data Domain Boost Get faster, more efficient backup and disaster recovery.
    Data Domain Replicator Efficiently replicate your backup and archive data.
    EMC Data Protection Suite Protect your data with EMC’s most recommended backup and archive software suite.
    Data Domain Virtual Tape Library Seamlessly replace tape with high-speed, inline deduplication storage.
    Data Domain Encryption Achieve secure encryption of backup and archive data.
    EMC Data Protection Advisor Unified analytics and insight for IT environments. Improve recovery confidence, ensure service levels, and automate insight into data protection for IT, management and stakeholders.
  • Evaluate Deploy and Manage Education
    • Data Domain Training: Learn how to leverage deduplication storage systems for next-generation backup, recovery, and archiving
    • Free Training: Begin redefining your IT skills with free EMC e-Learning
  • Customer Services
    Enhanced Support Basic support plus next business day onsite support and 24x7 remote support.
    Premium Support Upgrade options include four-hour onsite responses as well as post-warranty maintenance.


    Professional Services
    Planning Services Provide guidance and technology recommendations to help evaluate and architect your EMC IT infrastructure. Services may include: Planning and Design, Infrastructure Assessments, Readiness Assessments, Architecture Design, as well as Availability/Disaster Recovery Planning.
    Deployment Services Plan, design, install, configure, and integrate your EMC IT infrastructure. Services may include: Product Installation, Implementation and Configuration, Technology Integration, Application Integration, as well as Data Migration.
    Operational Services Optimize the performance, reliability and operational efficiency of your EMC infrastructure. Services may include: Health Checks, Operational Assurance, Performance Tuning, Infrastructure Upgrades, as well as Integration Workshops.
    Management Services Help manage infrastructure operations to supplement knowledge, expertise, and resource gaps. Services may include: Transitional and Operational Residencies, Data Erasure and Disk Retention, Storage and Remote Managed Services, Secure Remote Support, as well as Personalized Support Services and Out-Tasking Services.
  • Choose from the industry's most innovative and flexible financing solutions to acquire EMC hardware, software and services. Your EMC Reseller and EMC's Global Financial Services team will work together to find the right solution for you.


Data Domain Boost

Speed data backups up to 50% with the DD Boost software option and EMC Data Domain deduplication storage systems.
  • Faster, More Efficient Backup
  • Simplified Disaster Recovery
  • Advanced Load Balancing and Failover
  • Learn more  >>

EMC Backup Solution for Oracle with Data Domain

Ensure reliable, cost-effective data protection with EMC Backup Solution for Oracle with Data Domain. Includes EMC Data Domain Boost.
  • Advanced integration with Oracle RMAN
  • Up to 50% faster backups
  • 10-30x less backup storage needed
  • No need for 3rd party backup app
  • DBA-managed backup and recovery
  • Learn more >>

EMC Data Protection Suite and Data Domain DD2500 Bundle

Protect virtual environments, NAS systems, business-critical applications, remote offices, and desktops/laptops with Data Protection Suite and DD2500.
  • Choice of Data Domain system
  • DD Boost software
  • High-speed deduplication
  • Fast, daily full backups
  • Centralized management, reporting
  • Learn more  >>

EMC Data Domain DD2500 Archive Storage Bundle

Meet data compliance regulations with EMC Data Domain DD2500 Archive Storage Bundles. Efficient deduplication storage, 3.98 to 570 TB usable capacity.
  • Meet records retention requirements including SEC 17a-4
  • Data Domain system and software
  • Backup and archive consolidation
  • Reduce archive storage requirements
  • Learn more  >>

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