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Use Dell EMC VxBlock System 350 converged infrastructure to bring new agility and simplicity to your midmarket data center.

Dell EMC VxBlock System 350

The modern data center comes to the midmarket with the Dell EMC VxBlock System 350. This converged system integrates compute, network, storage, virtualization, and management. You can quickly deploy, easily scale, and manage your systems simply and effectively.

Deliver on both midrange and enterprise requirements with the all-flash design, enterprise features, and support for a broad spectrum of general-purpose workloads.

VxBlock System 350 is based on Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) blade servers, Cisco networking, and comes with a choice of Dell EMC Unity storage array options. 

Key features:

  • Product Spec Sheet VxBlock Systems Tech Specs 
    Processors Intel® Xeon® Processor  
    Compares To HPE ConvergedSystem 
    HDS Unified Compute Platform 
    Included Software Dell EMC Vision Intelligent Operations 
    Secure Remote Support 
    Cisco UCS Manager 
    Cisco Data Center Network Manager 
    VMware vSphere 
    VMware vSphere Distributed Switch (VDS) 
    VMware NSX Virtual Networking 
    Native Dell EMC Unity storage software 
    Storage Dell EMC Unity All-Flash 
    Dell EMC Unity Hybrid 
    Hypervisors VMware (included) 
    Compute Integration Cisco UCS blade servers 
    Networking Cisco Nexus switches and Cisco MDS switches / directors 
    Network Virtualization VMware NSX and/or Cisco ACI 
    Product VxBlock Products 
    Solution For Data Center Consolidation 
    Browse By Converged Systems 
    Midrange Storage 
    Enterprise Storage 
  •   VxBlock 240 VxBlock 350 VxBlock 540 VxBlock 740
    Storage Dell EMC VNX5200 Dell EMC Unity All Flash or Hybrid Dell EMC XtremIO All Flash Dell EMC VMAX All Flash or Hybrid
    Min/Max Capacity 3.2 TB to 500 TB 3.6 TB to 15 PBe* 10 TB to 1.6 PBe* 11 TB to 4.3 PBe*
    Networking Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS Cisco Nexus and Cisco MDS
    Network Virtualization VMware VDS, Cisco ACI

    VMware VDS, VMware NSX and/or Cisco ACI

    VMware VDS, VMware NSX and/or Cisco ACI

    VMware VDS, VMware NSX and/or Cisco ACI

    Compute Cisco UCS rack servers Cisco UCS blade servers Cisco UCS blade servers Cisco UCS blade servers
    Min/Max Servers 4/122/256 2/256 2/512
    Use Case Mixed general-purpose workloads Mixed general-purpose workloads Optimized for virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), integrated copy data management (iCDM), and virtual server infrastructure Delivering enterprise-grade availability and data services, ideal for large scale mixed workload consolidation and mission critical applications
    Ideal For Small to midsized deployments Mid-sized deployments and ROBO Medium to large enterprise and service providers Large enterprise and service providers

     *PBe: petabytes of effective storage capacity with data reduction

  • Choose from optional Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection for Converged Infrastructure solutions to streamline your backup environment and meet your recovery SLAs. Gain a single source of support from Dell EMC across converged infrastructure and data protection.


    Dell EMC Integrated Data Protection for Converged Infrastructure
    Backup, Archive, and RecoveryReduce backup times and ensure full backups are available for rapid, single-step restores. Gain advanced data deduplication and reduce backup data storage footprint by 10 to 30 times.
    Operational Recovery, Disaster Recovery, and MigrationsThis comprehensive replication delivers quick restores of critical applications and data, instant data rollback, and streamlined data migration.
    Continuous Availability and MobilityProtect, move, share, and load-balance your converged systems without disruption. Deliver data mobility and availability across arrays and sites. Enable simultaneous data read/write accessibility.
  • EvaluateDeploy and Manage
  • Product Warranty

    VxBlock Systems come with a 90-day product warranty


    Customer Services
    VCE Core SupportA foundational, integrated support level that comes standard.
    VCE Plus SupportAn enhanced, higher-touch support option with proactive optimization deliverables.
    VCE Premier SupportThe most customer-centric, strategic support relationship to maintain a holistic view of the environment and ensure the best experience.


    Professional Services
    Dell EMC Converged Infrastructure ServicesFactory logical configuration, on-site installation, onboarding, residency, software upgrade, and hardware expansion services to further simplify your converged infrastructure experience and amplify the value of your investment.
  • Choose from the industry's most innovative and flexible financing solutions to acquire Dell EMC hardware, software and services. Your Dell EMC Reseller and Dell Financial Services will work together to find the right solution for you.


Dell EMC VxBlock System 240

Simplify and modernize your data center for small to midmarket workloads with the Dell EMC VxBlock System 240.

  • Integrated compute, networking, storage, virtualization, management
  • Converged system with Dell EMC VNX5200 hybrid flash storage
  • Ideal for mixed general-purpose workloads

Dell EMC VxBlock System 540

Meet Dell EMC VxBlock System 540, converged infrastructure built for all-flash, scale-out performance.
  • Integrated compute, networking, storage, virtualization, management
  • Dell EMC XtremIO all-flash storage
  • Optimized for data reduction and copy data management workloads

Dell EMC VxBlock System 740

Modernize your data center with Dell EMC VxBlock System 740 converged infrastructure. Optimized for enterprise and hybrid cloud environments.
  • Integrated compute, networking, storage, virtualization, management
  • Dell EMC VMAX all-flash storage
  • For mixed workload consolidation and mission-critical applications

Dell EMC Converged Technology Extensions

Quickly and seamlessly add more compute or storage resources to your Dell EMC VxBlock System or Vblock System with Converged Technology Extensions.

  • Serve additional use cases
  • Add additional Cisco UCS compute resources
  • Add additional Dell EMC storage: VNX, Unity, XtremIO, VMAX, or Isilon

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