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Provides performance monitoring and capacity reporting capabilities for VNX storage systems.

VNX Monitoring and Reporting

VNX Monitoring and Reporting provides basic performance and capacity monitoring and reporting for VNX, CLARiiON, and Celerra storage systems.

Available as a free software download via EMC Support, VNX Monitoring and Reporting enables your organization to collect and analyze data from your storage environment through intelligent reports and dashboards.

  • Easy Navigation: The web portal and access to pre-configured reports provide expedited insight into troubleshooting and storage trends.
  • Unified Data Capture: Provides data collection and details from block and file storage, virtual provisioning, FAST Cache, FAST VP, and file-level deduplication.
  • Compatibility: Supports VNX storage systems, as well as qualifying CLARiiON and Celerra systems.

For enhanced monitoring and reporting functionality, including support for multiple arrays, custom dashboards and reports, and end-to-end visualization, ViPR SRM offers broader scope and scale.



Power up with an EMC VNX5400 unified hybrid flash array.  Get flash performance at the cost of disk for mixed workloads. File and block storage up to 1 PB.
  • MCx multicore optimization
  • Automated storage tiering option delivers active data from flash
  • Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression come standard
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This suite contains FAST Cache and FAST VP to facilitate your FLASH 1st strategy.
  • Optimize VNX performance
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Serves hot data from flash
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