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Management and multipathing software to automatically balance I/O loads and provide seamless failover/recovery and advanced monitoring.

EMC PowerPath

EMC PowerPath is a family of software products that ensures consistent application availability and performance across I/O paths on physical and virtual platforms.

It provides automated path management and tools that enable you to satisfy aggressive service-level agreements without investing in additional infrastructure. PowerPath includes PowerPath Migration Enabler for non-disruptive data migrations and PowerPath Viewer for monitoring and troubleshooting I/O paths.

EMC PowerPath/VE is compatible with VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V-based virtual environments. It can be used together with EMC PowerPath to perform the following functions in both physical and virtual environments:

  • Standardize Path Management: Optimize I/O paths in physical and virtual environments (PowerPath/VE) as well as cloud deployments.
  • Optimize Load Balancing: Adjust I/O paths to dynamically rebalance your application environment for peak performance.
  • Increase Performance: Leverage your investment in physical and virtual environment by increasing headroom and scalability.
  • Automate Failover/Recovery: Define failover and recovery rules that route application requests to alternative resources in the event of component failures or user errors.

Download any EMC PowerPath software product for a free 45-day trial.

  • Product Data Sheet PowerPath Family Data Sheet 
    PowerPath Migration Enabler Data Sheet 
    Supported Platforms Dell EMC VMAX 
    VMAX3 Products 
    VMAX All-Flash 
    Dell EMC Unity 
    Dell EMC XtremIO 
    Dell SC Series 
    Supported Operating Systems HP-UX 
    Microsoft Windows 
    Required Disk Space Installation Directory (the default is /opt) 40 MB 
    Root file system 30 MB 
    /usr 12 MB 
    /var 1 MB 
    Product PowerPath Products 
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    Storage Software 
  • Recommended Software Description
    EMC PowerPath Migration Enabler (included with PowerPath) Perform data migrations to and from any network or EMC and qualified non-EMC storage without application downtime
    Related Software Description

    EMC PowerPath/VE

    Automate and optimize data path pools to ensure application availability and performance in virtual environments

    EMC PowerPath for Windows
    EMC PowerPath for Linux
    EMC PowerPath for HP-UX
    EMC PowerPath for AIX

    Automate data path management, failover and recovery, and optimize load balancing to ensure application availability and performance
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  • A 90-day warranty for defective media replacement is standard on all EMC software products. Support during warranty is available with the purchase of a maintenance support option. Sign up for Premium Support to receive new releases of the software as they become available.
  • Download any EMC PowerPath software product for a free 45-day trial.


EMC PowerPath/VE

See a 2x-3x increase in I/O for VMware with EMC PowerPath/VE intelligent multipathing. Improve application performance and availability.
  • For VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Optimizes IOPS on EMC arrays
  • Automated path failover/recovery
  • Free trial available
  • Learn more >>


Power up with an EMC VNX5400 unified hybrid flash array.  Get flash performance at the cost of disk for mixed workloads. File and block storage up to 1 PB.
  • MCx multicore optimization
  • Automated storage tiering option delivers active data from flash
  • Thin provisioning, deduplication, compression come standard
  • Learn more  >>

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