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Bring massive scalability and mission-critical availability to enterprise workloads with Dell EMC VMAX 950F, our most powerful VMAX All Flash storage array.

Dell EMC VMAX 950F All-Flash Storage

When your enterprise applications demand the performance of flash storage along with massive scalability, mission-critical reliability, and advanced data services, select Dell EMC VMAX 950F. It’s our most powerful VMAX All Flash Array yet. Predictably meet SLAs for essential enterprise storage, consolidation at scale, and mix open and mainframe workloads.

IOPS and capacity scale linearly as you expand. The scale-out building block of the Dell EMC VMAX 950F storage array is the V-Brick, which includes a VMAX engine and base storage capacity. Flash Capacity Packs let you scale up in 13 TB increments.

Getting the trusted data services you need is simple with included software and the optional FX software package.

Key features:

  • Most CPU cores of any VMAX array for highest performance: up to 6.7 million IOPS
  • Supports block and file, open systems, mainframe, and IBM i
  • Scales up to 4 PB effective flash SSD capacity with data reduction and compression
  • Backed by the 4:1 storage efficiency guarantee
  • Ensures 99.9999% high availability
  • Offers data services options that include advanced replication, data encryption, storage management, data protection, and storage tiering to hybrid cloud

  • Product Spec Sheet VMAX All Flash Tech Spec 
    Product Data Sheet VMAX All Flash Data Sheet 
    VMAX All Flash Software Data Sheet 
    Processors Intel® Xeon® Processors 
    Compares To HPE 3PAR 
    HDS VSP 
    V-Bricks (for Scale Out) 1-8 
    Base TB per V-Brick 53 TB (open systems) 
    13 TB (mainframe) 
    Typical Effective Max Capacity with Data Reduction Assumes inline compression 4 PBe (petabytes of effective capacity) 
    Maximum IOPS 6.7 million 
    Maximum Front-End Host Ports 192 (open systems) 
    256 (mainframe) 
    Response Time (Mixed Workloads) 350 microseconds 
    Product VMAX Products 
    Solution For Data Center Consolidation 
    Mainframe Storage 
    Browse By All-Flash Storage 
    Enterprise Storage 

     VMAX 250FVMAX 450FVMAX 850FVMAX 950F
    Maximum IOPS1 million1.5 million4 million6.7 million
    Response Time (Mixed Workloads)Under 500 microsecondsUnder 500 microsecondsUnder 500 microseconds350 microseconds
    Typical Effective Max Capacity with Data Reduction1 PBe2 PBe4 PBe4 PBe
    V-Bricks (for Scale Out)1-21-41-81-8
    Base TB per V-Brick11 TB53 TB53 TB

    53 TB (open systems)
    13 TB (mainframe)

    Maximum Front-End Host Ports6496192192 (open systems)
    256 (mainframe)
    Use CaseMidmarket and enterprise storage, consolidation, transactional workloadsEnterprise storage, high consolidation, transactional workloadsEnterprise storage, massive consolidation, transactional workloadsEnterprise storage, consolidation at scale, mixed open and mainframe workloads
    Storage TypeBlock, file, open systems,
    IBM i
    Block, file, open systems,
    IBM i, or mainframe
    Block, file, open systems,
    IBM i, or mainframe
    Block, file, open systems,
    IBM i, and mainframe
  • Recommended Software Description
    FX Software Package Builds on the VMAX 950F base software by adding remote replication with SRDF, PowerPath (75 hosts), cloud tiering support, eNAS, and more.
    Data Protection Products Description
    Dell EMC Data Domain Ensure data protection and recovery at the highest levels of data integrity for disk backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

    Dell EMC Data Protection Suite Enterprise Edition

    Protect data using best-of-breed software products for continuous replication, snapshot, deduplicated and traditional backup, and archive.
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  • All VMAX All Flash configurations come with a 1 year Limited Hardware Warranty. All software comes with the EMC Software Warranty. VMAX All Flash arrays also include an all-flash storage efficiency guarantee.


    The following additional services are available for purchase.

    Support Services
    ProSupport for Enterprise (formerly Enhanced, Premium Support)

    24x7 remote technical support, options for next business day or 4-hour mission critical onsite response, automated issue detection, self-service case initiation, and hypervisor, operating environment software and OS support  

    ProSupport Plus for Enterprise


    Includes all ProSupport for Enterprise features, plus priority access to ProSupport Plus engineers, a designated Technology Service Manager, regular assessments and recommendations, monthly reporting, and systems maintenance guidance  


    Professional Services
    Installation Services Provides onsite physical installation and configuration of the VMAX All Flash array for online operation.
    Provisioning Services Provides initial provisioning of Storage Groups and TDEVs (Thin Devices). Also includes Unisphere for VMAX knowledge transfer.
    Migration Services Quickly move data from existing storage to your VMAX All Flash array to speed deployment.
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Dell EMC VMAX 250F All-Flash Storage

Harness flash SSD performance and mission-critical availability with the Dell EMC VMAX 250F storage array, the entry point to the VMAX All Flash family.
  • Over 1 million IOPS
  • Less than 500 microsecond latency
  • 1 PB effective maximum capacity
  • 99.9999% availability
  • Multi-controller scale up/scale out
  • Block/file, open, IBM i support

Dell EMC Data Domain DD6800

Consolidate backup, archive, and disaster recovery with the Dell EMC Data Domain DD6800. Modern protection storage for your midrange enterprise data center.
  • Up to 32 TB/hour throughput
  • Up to 43.2 PB of logical capacity support with Data Domain Cloud Tier
  • High availability configurations
  • For midrange enterprise needs

Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage

Enable traditional and next-generation applications and workloads with Dell EMC Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), software-defined, cloud-scale object storage.
  • Scale to millions of users and applications
  • Universal support for object, file, and HDFS
  • Enterprise-class smart storage
  • Try it for free

Dell EMC VPLEX for All-Flash

Choose Dell EMC VPLEX for All-Flash to deliver continuous availability and data mobility for mission-critical applications that use all-flash arrays.
  • Licensed for any capacity on any number of Dell EMC all-flash arrays
  • Purpose-built for flash with VS6 engine
  • Seven-nines availability
  • Non-disruptive data mobility

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