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Meet modern data protection challenges with new levels of speed and scale using Dell EMC Data Domain DD9800 for backup, archive, and disaster recovery.

Dell EMC Data Domain DD9800

Realize industry-leading speed and scale for backup, archive, and disaster recovery with the Dell EMC Data Domain DD9800. The DD9800 is the system with the highest throughput and capacity in the Data Domain family of protection storage.

Protect more data, now even faster, to reduce risk and meet the toughest SLAs for your large enterprise. Throughput of up to 68 terabytes per hour enables the DD9800 to back up 544 TB in less than 8 hours. Thanks in part to the addition of flash SSD for metadata, the system provides faster performance than the previous generation.

High-speed, variable-length deduplication lets you protect your data with 10-30x less storage capacity in typical use. The DD9800 supports 1,885 concurrent backup streams, so you can consolidate backups for up to 540 remote sites. Compare the Data Domain family.

Key features:


Dell EMC Data Domain DD9300

Take control of modern data protection when you transform backup, archive, and disaster recovery with the enterprise-ready Dell EMC Data Domain DD9300.
  • Up to 41 TB/hour throughput
  • Up to 108 PB logical capacity support with Data Domain Cloud Tier
  • High availability option
  • For large enterprise data centers

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