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Accelerate unstructured data workloads with Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash. Flash speed meets the efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency of Isilon scale-out NAS.

Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash

Accelerate your enterprise data lake and enable the most demanding workloads with Dell EMC Isilon All-Flash storage systems. Deliver blazing performance for unstructured data while you benefit from the efficiency, flexibility, and resiliency of Isilon, the industry’s #1 scale-out NAS platform.

Isilon All-Flash introduces a revolutionary, highly dense design with 4 Isilon storage nodes in a 4U chassis. Select from configurations that provide 96 TB to 924 TB of capacity per chassis. Easily expand your Isilon All-Flash storage up to 100 chassis in one cluster, with cluster performance totaling up to 25 million IOPS and 1.5 TB per second bandwidth.

Powered by the multi-protocol Isilon OneFS operating system, Isilon All-Flash integrates easily into Isilon clusters you already have. Compare all Isilon scale-out NAS systems.

Key features:

  • Brings all-flash performance to unstructured data workloads
  • Delivers massive scalability up to 92.4 PB capacity in a single cluster
  • Supports up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/second bandwidth per chassis
  • Offers robust data protection and security options
  • Maximizes efficiency with greater than 80% storage utilization, data deduplication, and storage tiering

Isilon All-Flash will be available in 2017.

  • Minimum Initial Cluster Configuration 1 x Isilon All-Flash chassis 
    Maximum Cluster Configuration 100 x Isilon All-Flash chassis 
    Nodes per Chassis
    Drive Sleds per Node
    Flash Drives per Sled
    Self-Encrypting Drive Option (SED) SSD 
    System ECC Memory 1 TB 
    Capacity per Cluster Scales from 96 TB to 92.4 PB 
    Front-End Networking 2 x 10GE (SFP+ or twin-ax copper) or 2 x 40GbE (QSFP+) 
    Chassis 4U (7") high x 24" wide x 35" deep 
    Capacity Per Chassis 96 TB, 192 TB or 924 TB 
    Flash Drive Capacity Choice of 1.6 TB, 3.2 TB or 15.4 TB drives 
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    Solution For Scale-Out Storage 
    Mid-Range Storage 
    Enterprise-Class Storage 
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    All-Flash Storage 
  • EMC Isilon Product Family scales for storage performance and capacity with hybrid or all-flash storage options

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    Isilon Software - Basic Bundle


    • Isilon SmartConnect - enables client connection load balancing to optimize performance
    • Isilon SnapShotIQ - protects data efficiently with secure, near-instantaneous snapshots while incurring little to no performance overhead
    • Isilon InsightIQ - manage your Isilon storage system with informative performance monitoring and reporting tools
    Isilon Software - Enterprise Advanced Bundle

    Includes everything in Basic Bundle plus:

    • Isilon SmartQuotas - assign and manage quotas that seamlessly partition and thin provision storage into easily managed segments
    • Isilon SyncIQ - replicate data for disaster recovery protection
    • Isilon SmartPools - implement an automated tiered storage strategy to optimize storage resources
    • Isilon CloudPools - automatically tier cold or frozen data to a choice of cloud providers
    Isilon SmartLockProtect data against accidental, premature, or malicious alteration or deletion with software-based approach to write once read many (WORM)
    Isilon SmartDedupeReduce storage capacity requirements by up to 35% with data deduplication without sacrificing data protection or management simplicity
    Storage Management And NetworkingDescription
    Dell EMC Connectrix SAN SwitchesConnect heterogeneous and virtualized servers to share storage and provide high-speed access to vital data


Dell EMC Isilon Scale-Out NAS Storage

Find Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage systems to fit your needs, from large NAS consolidation to archive. Unstructured data storage from 16 TB to 68 PB.
  • Simple to install, manage, and scale
  • Over 80% storage utilization
  • Automated storage tiering
  • Multiprotocol for operational flexibility
Starting at US List Price:
$42,552.00 *

Dell EMC Isilon X410

Benefit from highly versatile scale-out NAS with Dell EMC Isilon X410. Great performance and massive capacity for a range of applications and workloads.
  • 1.2 GB/s aggregate throughput per node
  • Scales from 108 TB to 20 PB per cluster
  • Multiprotocol including native HDFS

Dell EMC Isilon NL410 Nearline Storage

Optimize storage, lower costs, and safeguard data with Dell EMC Isilon NL410 Nearline Archive Storage. Simplify management and easily expand capacity.
  • Ideal for nearline data archiving
  • Scales from 100 TB to 40 PB per cluster
  • Over 80% storage utilization
  • Encryption & WORM security options
  • Learn more  >>

Dell EMC Isilon HD400 High Density Storage

Shrink operating costs for unstructured data archiving with Dell EMC Isilon HD400 High Density Storage. Massive scalability and robust data protection.
  • Scales to 68 PB in a single volume
  • Up to 4.2 PB capacity per rack
  • High density cuts OpEx up to 50%
  • Ideal for deep archiving, disaster recovery, and enterprise data lake
  • Learn more  >>

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