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    • Dell EMC Isilon H500 NAS Storage

      Support enterprise file workloads with the highly versatile Dell EMC Isilon H500. Hybrid scale-out NAS delivers high throughput, scalability, and efficiency.

      • Up to 480 TB per chassis
      • 5 GB/s throughput per chassis
      • Scales to over 17 PB per cluster
      • 4 to 8 SSDs per chassis for caching
      • Flexible, multiprotocol support
      • Simple to manage
    • Dell EMC Isilon A200 NAS Storage

      Lower costs and safeguard data with Dell EMC Isilon A200 archive scale-out NAS storage. Simplify management and expand capacity easily as needed.

      • Ideal for active archive storage
      • 120 TB to 480 TB per chassis
      • 60 SATA drives in 4U chassis
      • Choice of 4 or 8 SDDs for cache
      • Scales easily to 17 PB per cluster
      • Encryption and WORM security options
    • Dell EMC Isilon A2000 NAS Storage

      Choose Dell EMC Isilon A2000 scale-out NAS for large-scale archive data storage with enterprise-grade data protection. Reduce costs with high-density design.

      • Ideal for deep archive storage
      • High-density design saves space
      • 800 TB capacity per chassis
      • 80 SATA drives in 4U chassis
      • Scales easily to 28 PB per cluster
      • Robust data security options
    • Dell EMC Isilon HD400 High Density Storage

      Shrink operating costs for unstructured data archiving with Dell EMC Isilon HD400 High Density Storage. Massive scalability and robust data protection.

      • Scales to 68 PB in a single volume
      • Up to 4.2 PB capacity per rack
      • High density cuts OpEx up to 50%
      • Ideal for deep archiving, disaster recovery, and enterprise data lake
    • Dell EMC Isilon NL410 Nearline Storage

      Optimize storage, lower costs, and safeguard data with Dell EMC Isilon NL410 Nearline Archive Storage. Simplify management and easily expand capacity.

      • Ideal for nearline data archiving
      • Scales from 100 TB to 40 PB per cluster
      • Over 80% storage utilization
      • Encryption & WORM security options
    • Dell EMC Isilon X210 Storage

      Start reducing costs and simplifying management with a highly versatile storage platform for file-based, unstructured data: Dell EMC Isilon X210.

      • Supports wide range of workloads
      • Enables Big Data solutions
      • Start with 18 TB configuration
      • Scale capacity, performance easily
      • Over 80% storage utilization
    • Dell EMC Isilon S210 Storage

      Get ultra-fast primary storage for file-based applications with the Dell EMC Isilon S210. Give high-performance computing (HPC) workloads more of what they need.

      • Up to 3M IOPS and 175 GB/s aggregate throughput per cluster
      • Scales from 16 TB to 4 PB
      • Self-encrypting drives option
    • Dell EMC Isilon X410 Storage

      Benefit from highly versatile scale-out NAS with Dell EMC Isilon X410. Great performance and massive capacity for a range of applications and workloads.

      • 1.2 GB/s aggregate throughput per node
      • Scales from 108 TB to 20 PB per cluster
      • Multiprotocol including native HDFS
    • Dell EMC Isilon Storage Solution for Hadoop Analytics

      Choose Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS for Big Data storage and in-place analytics to achieve lower costs and faster time to results. For any Apache Hadoop distribution.

      • Isilon X410 scale-out storage
      • Native HDFS support
      • No data ingest necessary
      • No separate infrastructure needed
      • Scales to over 20 PB per cluster
    Showing   10- 18 of 21

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